§ 1

The owner of the online store www.welcomeindia.pl is Hindia Sp. Z.o. o. with its seat in Kraków Ul. Sw. Filipa 3 31-150. Entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Economic Department. The Regulations define the rules of transactions in the www.welcomeindia.pl store

§ 2

www.welcomeindia.pl is an online store through which users can purchase products offered there.

§ 3

  1. Making purchases via welcomeindia.pl requires the acceptance of cookies by the user's browser.
  2. The website works on a properly configured Internet Explorer, Mozilla Forefox, Google Chrome or other browser updated to the latest version and properly configured.

§ 4

  1. To place an order, you must register on the store's website and fill out the form indicated on this page.
  2. A correctly completed form should contain:
    • e-mail address (e-mail) and password for logging in;
    • confirmation of reading and acceptance of these regulations and the Privacy Policy.
    • name and surname and address of the client;
    • shipping address and the name and surname of the person authorized to collect the parcel, if different from the customer's data (providing the name and surname of another person in the shipping data is tantamount to authorizing this person by the customer to collect the parcel);
    • invoice details (in case the Buyer wants to receive an invoice);
    • Phone number.
  3. The order is made by selecting products, selecting a number and clicking the "buy" sign. After confirming the choice, the User is transferred to the page for selecting the method of payment and the method of collecting the order.
  4. The order can be picked up in person at the seat of www.welcomeindia.pl at  no additional charge.
  5. The order may also be delivered to the address indicated by the Ordering Party for the appropriate fee indicated in the delivery price list. The choice of the form of collection takes place after completing the order.
  6. After placing the order, the Ordering Party will receive an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the order.

§ 5

  • The prices of the Goods are given in Polish zlotys and include all components, including VAT and all other components.
  • The customer has the option to pay the price for the Goods:
    • by bank transfer to the bank account number :
    • electronic payment,
    • when collecting the Goods.

§ 6

  1. The delivery of the Goods is limited to the territory of the Republic of Poland and takes place at the address indicated by the Customer when placing the Order.
  2. The ordered goods are delivered by post or courier. Possible delivery costs will be indicated at the time of placing the Order.
  3. The delivery date is from 2 to 14 business days from the date of receipt of the payment for the Order or conclusion of the Sales Agreement with payment on delivery.

§ 7

  1. If it turns out that the delivered goods are inconsistent with the order, the Ordering Party has the right to replace the goods with the ordered one or a new one.
  2. The ordered goods are sent back to the account of welcomeindia.pl, which covers the related costs.
  3. Complaints are considered within 14 days. If the complaint is accepted, the Ordering Party is sent a new copy in accordance with the order.
  4. In the absence of the Ordered and defective goods, welcomeindia.pl informs the Ordering Party about it by e-mail or by phone. At the choice of the Ordering Party - the amount due is returned to his bank account, or another product is sent, with the same price, chosen by the Ordering Party. Shipping costs are borne by www.welcomeindia.pl.
  5. Pursuant to Art. 27 of the Act of May 30, 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws 2014.827)

Art. 27. A consumer who has concluded a distance or off-premises contract may withdraw from it within 14 days without giving any reason and without incurring costs, except for the costs specified in art. 33, art. 34 sec. 2 and art. 35.

Art. 28. The period for withdrawal from the contract shall run from:

1) for a contract in which the entrepreneur issues an item, being obliged to transfer its ownership - from taking possession of the item by the consumer or a third party designated by him other than the carrier, and in the case of a contract which: a) includes many items that are delivered separately, in batches or in parts - from taking possession of the last item, batch or part, b) consists in the regular delivery of items for a specified period of time - from taking possession of the first item;

2) for other contracts - from the date of conclusion of the contract.

Art. 29. 1. If the consumer has not been informed by the entrepreneur about the right to withdraw from the contract, the right shall expire 12 months from the date of expiry of the period referred to in Art. 27. 2. If the consumer has been informed by the entrepreneur about the right to withdraw from the contract before the expiry of the period referred to in sec. 1, the deadline to withdraw from the contract expires after 14 days from providing the consumer with information about this right.

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